Introducing Foggy Frog and Friends

Let me tell you about these creatures that have come to visit me. These are the ones that are causing all the problems and won’t go away.

We’ll start with their leader, Foggy Frog.

Foggy Frog is the one that’s always on my shoulder. He’s weighing me down and makes it feel like I’m pushing through mud whenever I’m trying to do anything. Somehow, he’s also managed to get into my head and muddle everything up. Because of this I have trouble remembering things and can’t focus on anything for more than a few minutes at a time without zoning out.

His constant companions are the Gnawing Gnats.

These guys have completely taken over my body. They are constantly running around nibbling here and there, causing my whole body to ache. Occasionally they bite harder causing my muscle to twitch and shake.

Although Foggy Frog and his Gnawing Gnats  have become permanent residents in my body, they are not the ones that cause me the most pain. That award goes to their friends who come to visit quite regularly; almost daily in fact…

  • The Stabbing Spiders; who have taken a strong liking to visiting my chest, stomach and joints and using their razor sharp blades at the worst possible times (like when I’m trying to sleep;
  • The Burning Bats: who tend to join the Gnats everywhere and make the pain radiate through the muscles; and
  • The Needle Nematodes*; who cause the excruciating pain and numbness of pins and needles.

All in all, Foggy Frog and his pain gang are a hard group of creatures to deal with on a daily basis.

* Needle Nematodes evolved into Needling Numbats January 2014

I’ve found that by creating these characters, to describe each of the main types of pain and the overwhelming fatigue and brain fog I deal with on a daily basis at this stage, I’m better able to understand what affect each of them are having on my body.

Do you ever get visits from Foggy Frog or any of the members of his pain gang?

If so, do you have any useful techniques or helpers to deal with them?