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Here at LiveKen we’re passionate about helping others live simple, sustainable and meaningful lives. As we embark on our own journey towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life, we share our insight and stories to help raise awareness, inspire and empower others to make similar changes with and without chronic illness. We work closely with local Councils, businesses and community groups to help support change in the wider community and encourage people to live a life that is meaningful to them by increasing understanding and empowering community action. We have over 10 years of experience working with businesses and local communities to create changes towards more sustainable actions, and have personal experience with living with invisible chronic illnesses which allows us to advocate for those with these conditions.

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Living a simple, sustainable and meaningful life.

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Media Release: Children’s Book Makes Invisible Illnesses Visible

Children’s Book Makes Invisible Illnesses Visible For Immediate Release Contact: Megan Schartner foggyfrog(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)liveken.com for further information or to schedule interviews. Adelaide, South Australia, 4 August 2016 Author, Megan Schartner, is pleased to announce the release of Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang, a picture book aimed explaining invisible illnesses causing chronic […]

04 Aug 16 Megan
A-Z Guide Intro

A-Z Guide to a simple, sustainable, meaningful life

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards more simple, sustainable and meaningful lives. This guide has been written from the point of view of someone living with chronic illness but the topics and concepts discussed are relevant to everyone and anyone. For more information on each point of the A-Z Guide, please click […]

01 Dec 15 Megan
Christmas wooden table covered with a tablecloth on it tablecloth, muffins, tea

The Ultimate Spoonie Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with Julie from Counting My Spoons, Donna from February Stars and Fed Up With Fatigue, AshleyJane from Living Incurably and Alisha from The Invisible F to run a Rafflecopter giveaway just in time for Christmas. It’s not just any giveaway, it’s the Ultimate Spoonie Giveaway! What can you win? There will be five lucky winners: 1 Ultimate Spoonie […]

28 Nov 15 Megan
Living with Chronic Pain

Living with Chronic Pain – Top 3 Tips

As I mentioned last week, it’s National Pain Week in Australia this week. I will be sharing my story over at the National Pain Week website and at My Invisible Life later in the week. I’ll also be talking to local media, starting with ABC Riverland Today at 10:45 this morning. Living with chronic pain can be frustrating, overwhelming […]

21 Jul 15 Megan
National Pain Week 2015

National Pain Week Australia 2015 and a LiveKen Update

It’s been a while since we’ve done a post here at LiveKen and there’s a reason for that! We’ve been busy running our first online workshop, Back to Basics: A life with Meaning. We’re into week 4 of the 6-week workshop now and I have to say I’m very happy with how it’s going. I’m […]

15 Jul 15 Megan
Meaningful FAQ

Meaningful Life Workshop: Back to Basics FAQ

The atmosphere here at LiveKen is buzzing as we put the final touches on our Back to Basics Meaningful Life workshop, which will be starting on Monday. It’s not too late to join us. For just AUD$19.95, you can join us and begin your journey towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life. If you haven’t yet […]

20 Jun 15 Megan

My simple, sustainable & (almost) minimal Wardrobe

Over the last year or two I’ve been decluttering our house to help create a simple living environment. A big part of that has been reducing the amount of clothing and accessories I own to only those that I actually love, feel comfortable in, and enjoy wearing all the time. Janelle has previously shared a […]

16 Jun 15 Megan
turning thirty

Turning Thirty: Reflections, Visions, Plans

I turned 30 last weekend. Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter would be aware that my husband’s 30th was only a few weeks earlier. We decided to do a joint party on my birthday (it was Saturday) and invited friends and family to join us. We had an amazing day with close […]

11 Jun 15 Megan

#May12BlogBomb A Vision for the Future: Living with ME and Fibromyalgia

Today is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) Awareness Day. #May12BlogBomb Last year, to help raise awareness, I wrote a letter to my illness over on My Chronic Life Journey as part of a blogging campaign begun by Sally Burch over at Just ME (#May12BlogBomb). This year I’m participating again. The […]

12 May 15 Megan

Workshop Opportunity – Back to Basics

Are you looking for a simple, sustainable & meaningful life? We’ve taken the plunge, and are planning to share our journey with you and help you start your own journey via a 6-week online workshop. The workshop will cover the following topics: What makes life meaningful for us? Identifying our values, passions, and life goals […]

29 Apr 15 Megan

HEALTH – a simple, sustainable, meaningful lifestyle

HEALTH – an acronym and guide for living your own simple, sustainable and meaningful life Hopes and Dreams – Just because you’re not as healthy as you once were, doesn’t mean you need to roll over and forget about everything you ever wanted to do in you life. You are still you, and with a […]

27 Apr 15 Megan
stress managment

Stress Awareness Month and Travel with chronic illness

I missed yesterday’s #HAWMC post on Stress Awareness so I’m combining it with today’s topic… Travel. Managing stress is a vital part of learning to live with chronic illness. Especially with conditions like Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) which can be exacerbated by stress. Even for a healthy person stress can have a negative impact […]

20 Apr 15 Megan
I feel best

I feel best when… My Manifesto

When you live every day with chronic pain and fatigue it can sometimes be difficult to remember what it’s like to feel good, to feel ‘normal’. It’s important though to not focus just on your symptoms but to find at least something each and every day to be grateful for. Something that will make you […]

14 Apr 15 Megan

Rest – Could you take a whole day off?

Yesterday I took the day off. Not only did I not allow myself to do any work, I attempted to completely avoid technology as well. As you’ll see below I wasn’t quite successful in this second quest but the day was still worth it. Why take a whole day off? It seems counterproductive when you’re […]

13 Apr 15 Megan

Nutrition and Diet – Keep it Simple

You are what you eat That’s the saying… It’s World Health Day today and the focus is on safe food. As a result, the WEGO health activist writer’s challenge is focused on nutrition and diet today. Last month we talked about eating locally and how you can support your local farmers, and today I’m going to talk about […]

07 Apr 15 Megan

Routines and Schedules – Creature of Habit

In March 2013, my life was full of structure and routines. I worked full time, studied (almost full time), visited the gym at least 3 x a week (usually 5-6 x a week), and spent time with family and friends. Then my life came crashing down around me. Suddenly I was in so much pain […]

04 Apr 15 Megan

Happiness – Enough and random acts of kindness

As those of you who follow us on social media would be aware, I’m participating in WEGO Health‘s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. Here at LiveKen we are on a journey to discover what a simple, sustainable and meaningful life is for us.  On this journey we have discovered that recognising that we are enough […]

03 Apr 15 Megan
Eating Local and Earth Hour 2015

Eating Locally and Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2015 – Eating Locally Like Megan said in her last post, this month our focus is on supporting local food produce growers and providers. We have chosen this as our focus because that is the theme of Earth Hour 2015 in Australia. As many of you would know, Earth Hour will be held […]

26 Mar 15 Janelle
Local Food

Local Food, earth hour and pain management…

Today’s post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post so I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve been through the last few months plus bring your attention to our focus for the month of March, Local Food. Pain Management […]

19 Mar 15 Megan
100 Goal Challenge

100 Goal Challenge: Life Enjoyment

Like Megan’s last post, I will be sharing with you my 100 Goal Challenge. This challenge came about for Megan last year when she was reading a self-help book that focused on getting the reader to conduct activities that would help to identify your passions in life. The book is titled It starts with Passion by […]

19 Feb 15 Janelle
100 Goal Challenge

100 Goal Challenge: My Life To-Do-List

[dropcap color=”orange” background=”green” style=”rounded” size=”small”]E[/dropcap]ditors Note: This post was first published on My Chronic Life Journey in March 2014. This is my response to the 100 Goal Challenge. I found it to be a great way to identify what is important in my life and to help me take the first steps towards a more simple, sustainable […]

05 Feb 15 Megan

Simplifying Your Life: Decluttering Your Wardrobe

[dropcap color=”orange” background=”green” style=”rounded” size=”small”]E[/dropcap]ditors Note: This post has been in our backlog for several months. We apologise for the delay in sharing this part of our journey. Last year (28 August 2014) Megan talked about taking the first steps towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life and we hope you have taken some of our ideas […]

22 Jan 15 Janelle
Australian Native purple flowers

Enough: 2015 year of gratitude and contentment

[dropcap color=”orange” background=”green” style=”rounded” size=”small”]E[/dropcap]ditor’s Note: This post was first published on My Chronic Life Journey. As part of making life more sustainable, I will be slowly encouraging followers over at My Chronic Life Journey to join us here at LiveKen and consolidating the two sites. Happy 2015 everyone! Let me begin this post of with an […]

13 Jan 15 Megan
First step on the journey to a simple, sustainable, meaningful life

First step towards a simple, sustainable life

What’s the first step to move towards a simple, sustainable, meaningful life? Know where you are now and know where you want to be. How do you do that? By taking time out to reflect on your life and considering what is going well and what areas you’re struggling with. This allows you to actually consider whether what […]

28 Aug 14 Megan
Live Your Life

Where are we going? Your Life Journey Starts Now

Everyone talks about doing more of this and less of that and while we mean what we say when we talk about these ideas they turn more into ‘if I could I would’ than actual plans to move towards achieving these goals. The key in moving these ideas and plans forward is to identify what […]

21 Aug 14 Janelle
Where are we now? - We're at the start

Where are we now? The start of the LiveKen Journey

If you’ve been following us over the last few weeks you’d know that we are working towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life and we are wanting to share this journey with you. About a month ago Janelle and I shared with you where we both came from and what our previous experiences had been, but where […]

14 Aug 14 Megan
LiveKen MakeItSimpleButSignificant

LiveKen’s hopes for you in the Next Year

Last week Megan spoke to you all about our goals, both within the business and personally. This week we thought we would take some time to share with you what we hope you achieve with us. Start Thinking I know it seems too obvious, but that is all we would like you to start doing. […]

07 Aug 14 Janelle
LiveKen Setting Targets

LiveKen sets Targets for 2014/15 – Looking Forward

Over the last few weeks Janelle and I have been having a think about what we’d really like to achieve in the next 12 months and how that can fit in with things here at LiveKen. As a result we’ve set ourselves and LiveKen targets for 2014/15. LiveKen Targets for 2014/15 (as a business) We […]

31 Jul 14 Megan

Travelling to a simple, sustainble meaningful life – Janelle’s Journey So Far

As Megan said last week everyone’s journey through life is different and people travel through stages of their lives at different times and ages. This week I’m going to share with you some of my journey so far and what I’m hopeful for in the future. By both of us sharing our stories and journeys […]

23 Jul 14 Janelle

Travelling to a simple, sustainable, meaningful life – Megan’s Journey so far

Everyone’s journey in life is different. Over the next few weeks my friend Janelle and I are going to begin sharing our own journeys towards simple, sustainable and meaningful lives. We both have different backgrounds and very different journeys, mine includes chronic illness and her journey doesn’t. We hope that by sharing our stories we’ll […]

17 Jul 14 Megan

Exercising with Chronic Illness

[dropcap color=”orange” background=”green” size=”small]E[/dropcap]ditor’s Note:  Just a small note that for the rest of July at least posts here will be a bit sporadic as I overcome some health issues and obtain a better balance in life. I will be aiming to do at least one post a week over at My Chronic Life Journey and […]

10 Jul 14 Toni Dawn

3 Lifestyle Choices for a Happy and Fulfilling Life

Everyone wants to be happy and enjoy the life they’re living but so many of us are spending most of our time doing tasks and activities we don’t want to do. We’re unhappy with how our life is going and often complain about not being where we thought we would be. Within my group of […]

26 Jun 14 Megan

Identifying diet modifications for chronic illness

[dropcap color=”orange” background=”green” style=”rounded” size=”small]E[/dropcap]ditor’s Note: This is a guest post from Toni Dawn, a writer, blogger, and former personal trainer from Bristol, Tennessee.. She has kindly offered to do regular guest posts on living a healthy lifestyle with a Chronic Illness. For more from Toni, head over to her blog at The Girl in Yoga Pants. […]

24 Jun 14 Toni Dawn
LiveKen Community Engagement

A Beginner’s Guide to Chronic Illness – have your say

LiveKen has arisen from a desire to help others live their lives in a sustainable and fulfilling way. We have experience in community engagement for sustainability and have personal experiences living with chronic illness. Planned Products/Services The products/services currently in concept form, or being developed, are: [checklist style=”green”] a series of community workshops on living […]

19 Jun 14 Megan

LiveKen Values and what they mean for you!

Here at LiveKen our purpose in life is to help others live more sustainable and fulfilling lives. As we said in the previous post we believe that if we all work together we can create a world where people respect their bodies, each other and the environment they live in. To do that we have […]

17 Jun 14 Megan

LiveKen – Understanding, Inspiring and Empowering the community

Welcome everyone to LiveKen’s brand new blog. This blog is the first step in the creation of a business that will work with you as a clients to create and find the knowledge and tools necessary to live sustainable and fulfilling lives, even with a chronic illness. My name’s Megan and I’m the creative mind […]

09 Jun 14 Megan