Wisdom Wednesday: Gratitude Jar

Towards the end of last year I was sent a link to an idea to help reflect on the positives of daily life over a whole year.

This idea was the gratitude jar.

Image from Pintrest (click to see source)
Image from Pintrest (click to see source)

The idea of the gratitude jar is that you end each day writing down something you are grateful for and adding it to the jar. At the end of the year you go through it and read all the good things you have achieved during the year.

So on January first I found a jar and begun my own gratitude jar. I think this is a good idea as I don’t want to reach the end of 2014 thinking what have I actually done or achieved this year. By using the jar I am hoping to be able to celebrate even the small achievements that occur this year with everyone at the end of the year.

Daily gratitude reflections, like this, are a great way to maintain a positive outloon on life. This is one of many small actions/activities that I am putting in place this year to help me be the best I can spiritually.

As I have previously said, I believe that to be the best ME I need to find balance in my life and focus on the good things in life.

Remember to celebrate the small things in life as together they make up the big picture.

Do you have a practice of daily gratitude?

What other activities do you do to keep yourself positive?