I feel like a spinning top or a dreidel…

My world is a constant confusion.

My mind is prepared to attack.

The past – A persuasive illusion.

Dreidel- Don McLean

I have had less than 3 hours sleep, so I’m going to apologise up front if anything in this post makes less sense than usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙂

I remember when I was younger my sister, T, and I spinning around and around in circles in the living room to this song until we collapsed.

Now the song keeps coming to mind because I actually feel this way.

I have low blood pressure, and always have, but I seem to be affected by it worse now. As a result I quite often feel like I’m spinning around and around like we used to as kids because of the dizziness.

I also seem to have lost my sense of balance and space. Back when we were kids I remember after we were spinning for a few rounds of this song (we used to put it on repeat and just keep going and going) I’d be walking into the couch and the door frames until my head stopped spinning. Now I seem to do this all the time and not just when I’m actually feeling dizzy. It’s almost like my brain is not connected to my body at times; either I can see the object in front of me but I can’t stop my self walking into it OR I don’t see things until I’ve already walked into it. Some days I don’t even notice I have walked into things, I just find random bruises everywhere.

My mind is constantly attacking me; not just by causing the physical imbalances I just spoke about but also by causing me to struggle with words and remembering things. This is the dreaded Brain Fog and it’s getting worse… Focusing is definitely not my strong point at the moment!

So, as I keep spinning around in this crazy world, I’m going to try and do what Don McLean suggests and JUST SLOW DOWN.

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