An Update to the 100 Goal Challenge

One of the most popular posts on the blog here seems to be the 100 Goal Challenge post, so I thought I’d do an update on where I’ve gotten in almost 2 years.

As a reminder I broke my goals down into my Defining the Best ME categories (Mental, Physical, Wisdom) with some actions fitting into more than one category.

  1. Start/Run my own business
    • I’ve achieved this one! Once I worked out I wouldn’t be able to go back to my full time job at the Council, I began doing some consulting work. My business, LiveKen, focuses on helping others to live simple, sustainable and meaningful lives with or without chronic illness. At the moment I’m focused on finalising the Foggy Frog picture book, helping one local Council to develop a 3 year Environmental Action Plan, and another to develop a biodiversity hot spot map and fact sheets for local schools.
  2. Have 2 children/start a family
    • Not yet, as per my recent posts E and I are currently discussing our options. I have a few health issues that need to be sorted out before we can begin trying.
  3. Develop/run educational resources/sessions for business, community and schools/unis
    • See number 1 – I’ve started doing this. I’d like to increase this over time.
  4. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
    • Not Yet.
  5. Visit Tasmania
    • Not Yet.
  6. Work internationally
    • I have in the past but would like to again.
  7. Travel to Europe/UK
    • Not Yet.
  8. Do 30 minutes walk/run/ride daily
    • Building up slowly, currently doing a short ride every 2-3 days but no dedicated walks (just step count that I mainly get around the house).
  9. Daily yoga
    • Hit and miss on this one at the moment.
  10. Daily meditation
    • Most days I get this.
  11. Travel to Africa/See wild Gorillas
    • Not Yet.
  12. Participate in 12hr Rogaine (I did this when I first got ill – before I realised how serious it was – and would love to have the energy/low pain levels to do it again)
    • I participated in a 4hr one on the weekend (managed about 2 and a half hours).
  13. Contribute to charity regularly
    • I contribute to charity on an adhoc basis at the moment.
  14. Publish Foggy Frog Picture book
    The dummy book for Foggy Frog...
    The dummy book for Foggy Frog…
    • This is much closer now! Today I’ve finished the inside pages (we need to print to check colours), we now just need to design a few cover options for our backers to vote on.
  15. Work nationally
    • Have done in the past but want to expand current business when I’m up to it.
  16. Have annual holidays
    • We do this, at least a short camping trip each year.
  17. Build own house
    • Not Yet.
  18. Annual income of $100,000 (This one I’m really not sure about, I’d be happy with earning just enough to live off, but the process said to dream big so that’s what I tried to do)
    • Not yet, and still not sure about this one… I may end up changing it next time I review.
  19. Retire with enough financial security to continue annual holidays
    • Not yet, but I think we’re on track to do it.
  20. Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary
    On our Wedding Day Photo (c) M. Vovers, 2011
    On our Wedding Day
    Photo (c) M. Vovers, 2011
    • It’s our 5th this year (a 10th of the way there)!
  21. Continue to learn something new each year
    • I believe I’m on track with this. I’m constantly trying new things.
  22. Learn to sew my own clothes
    Patterns I've bought but not sewn yet
    Patterns I’ve bought but not sewn yet
    • Still just doing basic sewing at this stage (pillows, napkins, blankets, etc)
  23. Live as sustainably as possible
    • Working on this one… I’m still decluttering and removing unnecessary items from our lives, aiming to buy second hand as much as possible, and reducing our waste stream as much as possible.
  24. Complete my Bachelor of Education
    • I have decided not to continue with this one, instead I’m aiming to complete my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  25. Help others live sustainably
    The last campaign I ran before getting ill in 2013. Focusing on riding and travelling to work.
    The last campaign I ran before getting ill in 2013. Focusing on riding and travelling to work.
    • Working on it. I discuss ideas in my blog, and I’m working with local Council’s to move communities towards more sustainable options.
  26. Help others understand chronic illness
    • Working on it… The picture book will be out soon
  27. Have monthly dinner parties with family and friends
    • This has not been happening so far.
  28. Have monthly games afternoons with friends (board games)
    • This hasn’t happened monthly, but we have had more games afternoons than in the past.
  29. Clean out old and unused things and give to people who will use them
    • I’ve been doing this, but it is an ongoing process.
  30. Set up my own space for sewing, drawing and studying
    • I now have my desk set up in the study for drawing and studying, and a small desk for sewing in the spare room.2016-02-28 14.11.28
  31. Plant and maintain veg garden
    Our veggie garden last year
    Our veggie garden last year
    • There is currently nothing in our veggie garden apart from herbs but I’m working on this one.
  32. Find a mentor(s) to help me achieve my goals
    • I think this is an ongoing thing… Just taking advice whenever I can from where ever I can.
  33. Schedule time weekly to reflect/review my goals and achievements
    • I’ve been keeping a daily journal instead.
  34. Achieve work/life balance (need to work out what this actually means to me)
    • This is my focus this year, I feel I’m finding more balance at the moment.
  35. Have a weekly ‘date’ with E
    • We aim to do something together each week, even if it’s just a games night at home.
  36. Pay off our mortgage
    • We’re working on this one. Thanks to support from E’s parents we have gotten the mortgage below $100,000.
  37. Only buy quality items
    • Ongoing, but a focus whenever we buy things.
  38. Save 10% of my income
    • Ongoing, I have set up an automatic transfer to put $45 into my Super account each fortnight (retirement fund here in Australia) and automatically have 10% of anything I earn through my casual work go to Super. I haven’t worked out if the $45 a fortnight will add up to 10% of what I earn through consulting this year yet.
  39. Organise a financial plan
    • I have a very simple 5 year plan written up and a budget that we work within (I try and keep it flexible as long as we don’t go into debt throughout the year). I haven’t fleshed out the plan with detail yet.
  40. Teach my children how to save, invest and create wealth for themselves (need to teach myself this first so I know what I’m talking about… still not too clear on investments and wealth creation)
    • Slowly teaching myself through reading books and blog posts on financial management so that when we have children I can teach them.
  41. Teach my children to live sustainably
    • Need to have children first!
  42. Ensure I have regular health checks
    • I see my doctor and specialists regularly.
  43. Read every week (would love daily if possible)
    • I read a lot of blog posts these days, I want to work on reading more physical books as well.
  44. Learn to live a fulfilling life with my chronic illnesses
    Retrieved from Facebook.
    Retrieved from Facebook.
    • Working on it! I’m getting better at pacing and have managed to add in activities that fit with my values and make me feel like I’m contributing to my community.
  45. Swim regularly 1-2 x a week
    • Waiting for our local pool to open as there really isn’t anything close to us at the moment.
  46. Visit T in Hong Kong
    • Not yet, planning to visit her this year some time (she’s coming here this week to go camping with me and E over easter).
  47. Develop networks to help make my ideas reality
    • Working on it.
  48. Visit Japan
    • Not yet.
  49. Teach my children to cook
    • Need children first.
  50. Schedule time to draw
    • Haven’t made this regular yet.
  51. Learn to belly dance
    • Not yet.
  52. Get a family dog
    • Not yet.
  53. Participate in a yoga/health retreat
    • Not yet.
  54. Find a hobby E and I can do together (used to hike regularly but I’m not up to that at this stage)
    • We’ve been playing a lot more games together. I’m hoping to add short walks back into our routine.
  55. Learn to be more assertive
    • Working on it.
  56. Get monthly massages
    • I’ve been using my massage chair regularly.
  57. Learn to play the guitar better
    • Not yet.
  58. Write 2 blog posts a week
    • Most weeks I’m achieving this, some weeks I only manage 1 if I’m extra busy or in a crash.
  59. Spend a day by myself every 6 months focusing on reviewing and renewing my goals and plans
    • I’ve done this maybe every 12 months so far, I still would like to increase it to every 6 months.
  60. Find a weekly routine that works (I feel very flustered lately as I can’t settle into one routine with things changing all the time)
    • This is still constantly changing but I’ve found a flexible schedule works better for me. Instead of a fixed routine I’ve been working to only schedule 2-3 activities a day and leave a lot of space so I don’t get flustered.
  61. Write a will
    • Not yet.
  62. Go on a 4 week holiday by myself
    • Not yet.
  63. Write regular articles for other blogs/websites/media sources
    • Not yet. I need to be more consistent writing for My Invisible Life and other people who have contacted me.
  64. Learn to cook more delicious and healthy dairy and gluten free meals
    • I’ve increased our repitoire of meals but this is an ongoing goal.
  65. Spend time in nature regularly
    A bird bath on a community walking trail near work.
    A bird bath on a community walking trail near work.
    • I try and spend some time outside each and every day.
  66. Enter writing competition and win
    • Not yet.
  67. Organise an annual event to raise awareness of, and funds for research into, chronic illness
    • Not yet.
  68. Act as a mentor for someone
    • Not yet.
  69. Have quarterly girls nights/afternoons/days with my closest friends
    • I’ve caught up with people a bit more regularly but not quarterly yet.
  70. Get Foggy Frog into libraries, schools and homes around the world
    • I’ve had one library contact me already. I need to publish the book first though.
  71. Keep a gratitude jar and read the contents yearly
    My gratitude corner (bedside table)
    My gratitude corner (bedside table)
    • I’ve moved away from the gratitude jar, instead I include gratitude in my weekly ‘Share My World’ post and write in my journal.
  72. Create a neighbourhood/community sustainability group to catch up and share ideas
    • Not yet.
  73. Be present and mindful every day
    • I’m getting better. This is a work in progress goal.
  74. Develop a morning and evening routine
    • Morning – check emails in bed, dress (shower if necessary), breakfast and tea, one major task.
    • Evening – dinner, tv with Erik, teeth and pills (shower if necessary, sponge bath otherwise), journal, meditation.
  75. Keep a regular journal
    • I’m using it to track my daily activities. I set up to 3 activities each night for the next day and then add extra if I manage more during the day.
  76. Incorporate physio recommended exercises/stretches into daily life
    • I’m doing this. I do my pelvic stretches throughout the day and I’m currently focused on maintaining my step count.
  77. Declutter my life
    • Working on it, I’ve removed many items from our house but still working to declutter my calendar and feel that this goal is an ongoing work-in-progress kind of goal.
  78. Spend a weekend away with E every 6 months
    • This hasn’t happened but we have had a few weekends away in the last few years and have a few planned for this year.
  79. Learn more about business management and marketing
    • I read blogs and books to help me better understand what I should be doing with my business.
  80. Deliver a TED talk (about my work and education programs?)
    • Not yet.
  81. Smile every day
    Christmas 2013...
    Christmas 2013…
    • I think I’ve achieved this one… To be honest I haven’t tracked it but know that I smile quite often.
  82. Learn to deal with conflict
    • Working on it. I’m getting better at dealing with conflict and standing up for myself.
  83. Write every day
    • I write my to-do list every day. Once a week, I write my blog posts. I would like to add more writing.
  84. Frame our pictures and display them in the house
    • Not yet, reconsidering as I’m reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in our house.
  85. Interact with people who support my vision
    • Doing this as much as I can.
  86. Make a firm career decision and pursue it
    • Still working on this. I’ve got a vague idea of where I want to go but need to clarify some details.
  87. Be well regarded and respected for my work
    • Not something I feel comfortable judging for myself but from the feedback I get I’d say I am.
  88. Develop a realistic business plan, implement the plan and follow through
    • Because of my health I’m still struggling to develop a realistic business plan that can be implemented and followed through. At this stage I’m just working to complete the projects I have already and then I’ll reassess this.
  89. Assist 10 people to live a fulfilling life with a chronic illness
    • Not yet, working on it.
  90. Get my superannuation strategy working for me
    • Working on it, I’m making sure that I get something into my super regularly.
  91. Maintain a healthy weight
    • My weight has stayed about the same for the last few years.
  92. Have regular skin checks
    • Had one a year and a half ago. I believe they suggested every 2 years.
  93. Have monthly goals to focus on
    • This hasn’t been working for me. I need to reassess the goals that I set.
  94. Build a team around me to help me reach my goals
    • Working on it.
  95. Be around for my children as much as possible
    • Need children first.
  96. Visit my Uncle in Vietnam
    • Not yet.
  97. Buy local as much as possible
    • I try and do this. Still working on improving this.
  98. Focus on experiences not possessions
    • Working on it.
  99. Eat vegetables with every meal
    • Mostly.
  100. Focus on the good things in life

    I found this little guy while walking with a friend Christmas Eve 2012...
    I found this little guy while walking with a friend Christmas Eve 2012… He made us smile, we took photos but left him for others to find and enjoy as well.

A quick No Buy Challenge Update: I did swap one top I hadn’t worn in over 6 months for a new striped top which I’ve already worn 3 times in the last week. Other than that no purchases for me this week.

Have you completed your 100 Goal Challenge?

If so, what have you learnt from reviewing the goals you’ve set?

If not, has my list helped you identify a few more things you could add to your own?