August 2018 Goals Progress

Last month I set some goals for the rest of this year. To keep me on track I’d like to update each month on how I’m going. I only set my goals in the middle of the month so the August 2018 goals progress report isn’t going to be that impressive…

August 2018 Goals

Goal 1: Write at least 1 blog post a month on LiveKen


Last month I wrote 2 posts. The post outlining my goals and a book review on Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia.

This month I’ll have this post and I’m hoping to get another post written but even if I don’t I’ve achieved this goal!

Goal 2: Earn some money…

Goal 2.1 Promote Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang

No progress…

I have not made any progress towards promoting the book further. This subgoal may go on hold until after I write the second book to support it. I might take that as an opportunity to relaunch the book…

Goal 2.2 Write/Develop further books and workshops

Book writing… in progress

The book outline is slowly progressing but haven’t yet progressed very far.

Course Development… on track, in progress

I ran a beeswax wrap demonstration as part of a workshop for my local council at the end of the month. This has led to two potential future workshops doing the same thing.

I’m outlining a workshop or potential series of workshops for mum’s of young babies who want to do things more sustainably.

Goal 2.3 Start a Business

In progress…

We’re currently looking at all our options and trying to decide exactly what we want to do but looks like something will be happening soon!

Goal 3: Look after myself physically and mentally

Goal 3.1 Walk an average of 7,000 steps per day


I averaged 7,334.5 steps in August 2018

Goal 3.2 Yoga at least twice a week

In progress…

My daughter was sick for most the last month so I only managed one class a week. However, I did try to fit in a few yoga poses most days before bed so I guess you could say I met this goal.

Goal 3.3 Meditate Daily

In progress…

I’ve managed to be more mindful the last few weeks but haven’t done specific meditations most days. I don’t think I count 5-10 mindful breaths as a meditation, which is what I’ve been achieving most days. I’d like to aim for a dedicated 5-10 min meditation before bed but I’m still finding it very difficult to switch off and sit/lie still.


Overall, I think I’m on track with most my goals so far. In the rest of September (we’re already half way through) I’m going to focus in on meditating daily, and progressing the business idea to a point that we’ll be able to start.

Do you have any goals you’re working towards? How are you going with them?


  1. What a lot of goals… maybe too many? Hope life is treating you well… would be great to read all about you… I’ve put up another writing challenge… 2 years later from our last collaboration on our awakening journey… thought it would be nice to create part 3 to share how/where our own journey is going as our consciousness expands. You can check out the following post, I mention it at the bottom. Much love to you Megan x Barbara x

    • Thanks Barbara, sorry for the slow response! It is a few goals but I’ve been slowly building them up. Some of these I’ve been doing for a while and just trying to modify what I do just a bit. Right now I probably don’t have the time to do anything else though ?

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