Share Your World Week 15 + a No Buy Update

I forgot to write about the No Buy Challenge in my last few posts and we’ve now got only one week left to go so before I do my Share Your World post, here’s a quick update…

This past week I did ‘buy’ one thing that isn’t in my usual purchases, but I don’t see it as being something against the guidelines of this challenge as it was more of a charitable donation than a purchase…

On Saturday night E and I went to a progressive dinner at Monarto Zoological Park (our local Open Range Zoo). The dinner was great fun with each course being at a different location around the zoo and unique keeper talks at the Chimpanzees and Carnivore (Hyena and Lion) Platforms.

As part of the dinner there was a raffle draw and silent auction. We didn’t win the raffle but we did win a unique painting (painted by one of the chimpanzees) as part of the silent auction. The painting is framed and came with two photos showing the chimpanzees painting.

The painting and the photos that accompany it.
The painting and the photos that accompany it.
A close up of the two photos...
A close up of the two photos…

The dinner itself was good. Hors d’oeuvres were served at the Chimpanzee platform. Being early evening they were just getting ready to sleep so while we drank wine and nibbled on dips and veggies (there were chicken nibblets as well but I mainly had the dips) we got to watch the chimpanzees make their nests and listen to the keeper telling us about each of the chimps and telling us (in very upsetting detail) about what happened with the recent births (one chimp and her baby died for various reasons, they have one living baby that was born a few weeks after the one that died). We were then taken to the carnivore platform for soup and listened to the keeper who gave out turkey necks as treats to the Hyenas and Lionesses that were out in their enclosures.

After entree, we were taken to the camp site for the main course. A sit down roast dinner during which the silent auction and raffle were concluded and then to the function centre near the giraffe’s for dessert, a wide selection of cakes, sweets, and fruit.

All the food was prepared by volunteers and they did a wonderful job of ensuring there was enough food for everyone and those of us with dietary requirements were catered for well.

Share Your World – Week 15

Name one thing not many people know about you.

I can’t think of what to say here, I’m sure there’s something but I’m so open and share most things that I’m really struggling to think of something…

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do?

I’d make sure E and I went on a nice holiday and then the rest would go towards paying our mortgage down sooner. The sooner we have no mortgage the sooner I’ll feel more comfortable with our current lifestyle. At the moment I can’t work that much so we’re pretty much a one income family.

Where do you hide junk when people come over?

I no longer need to hide junk when people come over thanks to my decluttering. In the past stuff tended to go into the spare room or in the shed.

Complete this sentence:  I want to learn more about …

Homemaking. As much as I enjoy working when I have the energy, I’m finding I enjoy being at home and having the time to spend on tasks and activities around the house as well. Having such limited energy means that I have to prioritise and most of the time I now prioritise time with family or house related tasks over any other tasks.

I’m currently learning about fermentation and making sourdough bread and look forward to adding more homemade and sustainable activities into our lives.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I’m grateful for the time spent with family and friends. As well as the progressive dinner, we had a friend’s housewarming last week and many of my friends have helped me collect material for the workshop I have coming up this week.

This week I’m looking forward to running the ‘wearable art hats’ workshop for children at the Sharefest this weekend. It should be fun seeing what creations the children can come up with from the bottle caps, cardboard, ribbons, buttons and other recycled materials we’ve managed to collect this week.