An Invitation from Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang: We Launch Today!

In just under 5 hours the Foggy Frog Kickstarter campaign launch will start.

Foggy Frog FB Icon

It would be great to get as much support as possible in the first few hours of the campaign to encourage others to donate as well.

Please join us on the Facebook page or Twitter (#FoggyFrog) to gain access to the campaign page and be one of the first to choose the reward level you’d like to support us at. While you’re with us on Facebook and Twitter, why not join in our conversation?

We will have a series of questions available for people to answer or you can share your own stories.

On the Facebook page you can answer the questions as comments below each question and add your own stories as separate comments.

On Twitter make sure you use the hash tag #FoggyFrog and to answer each question include the question number (e.g. #FoggyFrog A1: your answer). To add your own stories just be sure to include the hash tag.

Foggy Frog Launch Questions:

Welcome to the #FoggyFrog campaign launch. 

Q1: How are you today?

Q2: This is a celebration. How do you like to celebrate?

Check out the campaign here: and watch the video.

#FoggyFrog causes Brain Fog, Fatigue & sensory overload. 

Q3: How do these symptoms affect you?

The Pain Gang consists of Gnawing, Stabbing, Burning and Needling. 

Q4: Are there any other types of pain you’d include?

Q5: How do you explain your illness to those around you?

Q6: Why are you supporting #FoggyFrog and the Pain Gang?

Thank you for joining us today, I hope you’ve enjoyed the launch.

Please take this opportunity to contribute as much as you can and share with others.

Join us from 1 pm ACST (around 9:30 pm EST for those of you in the US) to make it clear that those of us with invisible illnesses deserve to have our stories heard too!