Wisdom Wednesday: Meditation Part 2

Today is a really busy day, so was yesterday, so I’m going to keep this short today (I’ve already done a post this morning letting you know about our Foggy Frog Thunderclap). Today’s post is a follow up from last week’s meditation post . Yesterday I had the second meditation class.

Wisdom Wednesday - meditation
(c) Megan S, December 2013


The key thing I learnt about meditation last night, is one of the simple breathing techniques used in meditation. Unfortunately brain fog means I can’t remember the name of it, but I can remember how to do it.

Steps for breathing techniques:

Step 1
After making yourself comfortable, settle in and focus on your breathing.

Step 2
Focus on breathing in for 4 breaths and out for 4 breaths.

Step 3
After you’ve got your breath consistently in and out for the count of 4, start to add a break in between the in and out breath. Begin with a break for a count of 2 and increase to a level you are comfortable (up to a break for a count of 4).

Give it a try, it definitely helps me to focus my mind more and relax properly. 🙂

What techniques do you use to help you focus and relax?


  1. That breathing technique (I think I’ve heard it called the Box Breath?) always relaxes me. I should practice it more, especially if it helps with focus!

    • It’s definitely one I’m going to practice more. The instructor was very clear about only doing what your body was comfortable with and doing it for only 5 minutes at a time before resting in between.

      • I’m glad your instructors recommend taking it at a comfortable pace. I can’t remember where I learned it but they started right in with counting to four in between breaths. I felt like I was drowning!

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