Wisdom Wednesday: Passions and Dreams

(c) Megan S, December 2013

Today I want to talk to you about passions and dreams. No matter where you are in life you will always have at least one passion and one dream. These may change as your life does but they are always there.

My whole life I have been passionate about the environment and about caring for others. The form these passions took in my life and my dreams for my future evolved as I grew and changed as a person, but they’re still here.

Me and my siblings

As a child, my passion for the environment took the form of enjoying being outside playing in nature. I always wanted to look after any young children (babies) I saw and was always trying to help my younger sister and brother whenever I could.

As I got older, I got involved with volunteer work through St John Ambulance Australia and the St Vincent De Paul Society. I spent a lot of time learning about different animals and visiting the zoo, and would go for walks when ever I was stressed out or upset.

At university I want really sure what I wanted to do so I completed a double degree in Arts and Science which focused strongly on environmental topics. My volunteer work dropped off because I didn’t have time with study, work and a new found social life.

My working career so far has incorporated both my passion for the environment and helping others, through a strong focus on community engagement and education in all my sustainability roles. My dream was to get a property where I could run sustainability and conservation related workshops, seminars and camps for corporate, community and school groups.

Photo (c) Megan S, November 2013

Since becoming ill, the focus of my passions and my dreams have changed. I would still love to get that property and run those workshops, but I know it is not a viable option while I’m this unwell.

In the mean time, my current dream is to maintain some form of education around sustainability but to also increase awareness of these illnesses I’m struggling with.

My current passions are:

Creating and distributing sustainably made products through my sewing and card making.

Handmade wheat bag set currently available on Foggy Frog Creations Photo (c) Megan S, January 2014

Increasing awareness of Invisible Illnesses through the ‘Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang’ campaign.

Foggy Frog (c) Megan S, January 2014

As you can see, my underlying passions have not changed, but the dreams and the way these manifest in my current life have changed dramatically over time.

Real passions drive our lives. We may alter the way we interpret and embody this passions in our life, but if we are to be happy with the challenges our lives throw at us we need to make sure we are living in a way that fulfills our passions.

Our dreams may not become reality in the way we want or expect them to, but if we let ourselves be truly happy our dreams will come true!

Have you noticed a change in the way you are fulfilling your passions as your life changes?

What are your passions and dreams?