Making choices, clearing room

Time to think, to stretch, to value, to love

Being present, living life

Over the last few months I’ve focused on building up my exercise levels to a point that I can maintain a consistent exercise regime including stretches, a relatively consistent step count, and regular bike rides on my electric bike. Moving my body with the aim of reducing pain levels and increasing energy.

I’ve also helped several friends and family members to move house. It’s been interesting to see the different ways people pack, how they prioritise what to keep, add or give away, and who they have to help them move. I am glad that although I physically couldn’t help much with any of the moves, I was there to support my friends and family.

My brain has been less foggy lately as well. Yes, I still have days that I’m crashed and everything is a struggle but in general I’ve had a clearer head. This has let me move forward on my projects, progress my study, and consider taking on new opportunities that fit my values and allow me to grow.

Everyone in life is moving in one way or another. In most cases though we’re all moving in many different ways all at once.

Physically, mentally and emotionally we’re always moving.

In what ways are you moving at the moment?



  1. What a timely post! Lady H. and Boy H. are actually in the midst of moving soon, and so Lady H. has been trying to figure out what to get rid of. The only problem is that she doesn’t have anything else to throw out…but she’s determined to downsize her belongings to the bare minimum!

    And I totally love your thoughts on how everyone is moving in one way or another. I believe that’s a good thing. 🙂 Our bodies and mind need a lot of love and nurturing. If we can’t learn how to embrace change then how will any of us grow?

    Great thought-provoking post! Cheers!

    • Thanks! Change is definitely key to growing. I no longer focus on ‘throwing’ things out, instead I’m focusing on using things until they die and not replacing them unless I absolutely have to.

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