F is for Faith

Join me on a journey towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life. Throughout November we will be exploring each category of the A-Z guide to a simple, sustainable and meaningful life. Today we’re looking at F… Faith.

This guide has been written from the point of view of someone living with chronic illness but the topics and concepts discussed are relevant to everyone and anyone.

F is for Faith

What is faith?

For some people faith is about being religious. A strong belief in the doctrines and tales of a particular religion. If this is you, great! It’s wonderful to have something you believe in strong enough that nothing can shake that belief.

If you believe in god, or some other spiritual being, watching over you and guiding you on your journey you can rely on that belief to help you through the tough times.

If you don’t, you need something else…

You still need faith, but you need it in the other sense of the word – “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”.

You need to have faith in yourself and in what it is you are doing. You need to have faith in the people around you, your community and support structures.

Things will get tough as you move forward on your new journey. You will at times doubt yourself and struggle with things that don’t feel quite right. At times others will doubt you and you’ll have to stand up for what you believe. During these times you need to have faith that you can make decisions, you need to have faith that you can fail and still survive.

Believe in yourself! Trust yourself to make mistakes and learn from them! As we move forward in this journey we will need all the faith we can find.

Do you have faith in yourself and your ability to get where you want to be?