A Beginner’s Guide to Chronic Illness – have your say

LiveKen has arisen from a desire to help others live their lives in a sustainable and fulfilling way. We have experience in community engagement for sustainability and have personal experiences living with chronic illness.

Planned Products/Services

The products/services currently in concept form, or being developed, are:

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  • a series of community workshops on living sustainably (at concept stage),
  •  Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang picture book (currently being developed – at illustration stage), and
  • an online course on life with chronic illness – A Beginner’s Guide to Chronic Illness.


We’ve made it clear that we value community input from the very early stages of developing a product or service and so we are putting a call out for you to have your say on what is included in ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Chronic Illness’.

This course is the second stage of the Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang Campaign begun by our Director, Megan. The purpose of the course is to help those who are living with a chronic illness (or those who have symptoms that interfere with their lives but haven’t been diagnosed) to discover techniques to manage their symptoms and move forward with their life in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling.

Although labelled “A Beginner’s Guide…” it is expected that the course will also be beneficial to those who have been living with Chronic Illness for a while but are struggling with finding ways to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our current thoughts are to cover the basics of finding a support team, managing symptoms, helping others understand, and how to remain positive and move forward with your life (including information on potential ways of finding financial security/support and identifying your passions).

This course will consist of a series of informational videos, fact sheets and relevant links, and an eBook containing true stories and relevant activities.

Now it’s your chance to have your say

If you suffer from a chronic illness, what would you include in a course for people newly diagnosed or even still searching for a diagnosis?

Leave us a comment or contact us through the box below to let us know what you’d like to see in this innovative and potentially life changing course.