The 100 Goal Challenge: My Life To-Do-List

As discussed in last week’s post about Finding Your Passion, the first steps are to undertake the 100 Goal Challenge and use your answers to identify your Driving Emotions.

I shared my Driving Emotions and their definitions in the previous post and as requested I’m sharing my list of 100 Goals with you today. I apologise in advance for the lengthy post (I’ve tried to break it up with images so it’s not just text). I hope the goals inspire you and help you in creating your own Life To-Do List (100 goals).

Looking through them I think I can break them down into my Defining the Best ME categories (Mental, Physical, Wisdom) and some fit into more than one category.

Here we go:

  1. Start/Run my own business
  2. Have 2 children/start a family
  3. Develop/run educational resources/sessions for business, community and schools/unis
  4. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  5. Visit Tasmania
  6. Work internationally
  7. Travel to Europe/UK
  8. Do 30 minutes walk/run/ride daily
  9. Daily yoga
  10. Daily meditation
  11. Travel to Africa/See wild Gorillas
  12. Participate in 12hr Rogaine (I did this when I first got ill – before I realised how serious it was – and would love to have the energy/low pain levels to do it again)
  13. Contribute to charity regularly
  14. Publish Foggy Frog Picture book

    The dummy book for Foggy Frog...
    The dummy book for Foggy Frog…
  15. Work nationally
  16. Have annual holidays
  17. Build own house
  18. Annual income of $100,000 (This one I’m really not sure about, I’d be happy with earning just enough to live off, but the process said to dream big so that’s what I tried to do)
  19. Retire with enough financial security to continue annual holidays
  20. Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary (It’s our 3rd this year)

    On our Wedding Day Photo (c) M. Vovers, 2011
    On our Wedding Day
    Photo (c) M. Vovers, 2011
  21. Continue to learn something new each year
  22. Learn to sew my own clothes

    Patterns I've bought but not sewn yet
    Patterns I’ve bought but not sewn yet
  23. Live as sustainably as possible
  24. Complete my Bachelor of Education
  25. Help others live sustainably

    The last campaign I ran before getting ill in 2013. Focusing on riding and travelling to work.
    The last campaign I ran before getting ill in 2013. Focusing on riding and travelling to work.
  26. Help others understand chronic illness
  27. Have monthly dinner parties with family and friends
  28. Have monthly games afternoons with friends (board games)
  29. Clean out old and unused things and give to people who will use them
  30. Set up my own space for sewing, drawing and studying
  31. Plant and maintain veg garden

    Our veggie garden last year
    Our veggie garden last year
  32. Find a mentor(s) to help me achieve my goals (I’ve found one business mentor already since setting this goal, but I feel that I would benefit from a team of people I can go to for advice/support)
  33. Schedule time weekly to reflect/review my goals and achievements
  34. Achieve work/life balance (need to work out what this actually means to me)
  35. Have a weekly ‘date’ with E
  36. Pay off our mortgage
  37. Only buy quality items
  38. Save 10% of my income
  39. Organise a financial plan
  40. Teach my children how to save, invest and create wealth for themselves (need to teach myself this first so I know what I’m talking about… still not too clear on investments and wealth creation)
  41. Teach my children to live sustainably
  42. Ensure I have regular health checks
  43. Read every week (would love daily if possible)
  44. Learn to live a fulfilling life with my chronic illnesses

    Retrieved from Facebook.
    Retrieved from Facebook.
  45. Swim regularly 1-2 x a week
  46. Visit T in Hong Kong
  47. Develop networks to help make my ideas reality
  48. Visit Japan
  49. Teach my children to cook
  50. Schedule time to draw
  51. Learn to belly dance
  52. Get a family dog
  53. Participate in a yoga/health retreat
  54. Find a hobby E and I can do together (used to hike regularly but I’m not up to that at this stage)
  55. Learn to be more assertive
  56. Get monthly massages
  57. Learn to play the guitar better
  58. Write 2 blog posts a week
  59. Spend a day by myself every 6 months focusing on reviewing and renewing my goals and plans
  60. Find a weekly routine that works (I feel very flustered lately as I can’t settle into one routine with things changing all the time)
  61. Write a will
  62. Go on a 4 week holiday by myself
  63. Write regular articles for other blogs/websites/media sources
  64. Learn to cook more delicious and healthy dairy and gluten free meals
  65. Spend time in nature regularly

    A bird bath on a community walking trail near work.
    A bird bath on a community walking trail near work.
  66. Enter writing competition and win
  67. Organise an annual event to raise awareness of, and funds for research into, chronic illness
  68. Act as a mentor for someone
  69. Have quarterly girls nights/afternoons/days with my closest friends
  70. Get Foggy Frog into libraries, schools and homes around the world
  71. Keep a gratitude jar and read the contents yearly

    My gratitude corner (bedside table)
    My gratitude corner (bedside table)
  72. Create a neighbourhood/community sustainability group to catch up and share ideas
  73. Be present and mindful every day
  74. Develop a morning and evening routine
  75. Keep a regular journal
  76. Incorporate physio recommended exercises/stretches into daily life
  77. Declutter my life
  78. Spend a weekend away with E every 6 months
  79. Learn more about business mangement and marketing
  80. Deliver a TED talk (about my work and education programs?)
  81. Smile every day

    Christmas 2013...
    Christmas 2013…
  82. Learn to deal with conflict
  83. Write every day
  84. Frame our pictures and display them in the house
  85. Interact with people who support my vision
  86. Make a firm career decision and pursue it
  87. Be well regarded and respected for my work
  88. Develop a realistic business plan, implement the plan and follow through
  89. Assist 10 people to live a fulfilling life with a chronic illness
  90. Get my superannuation strategy working for me
  91. Maintain a healthy weight
  92. Have regular skin checks
  93. Have monthly goals to focus on
  94. Build a team around me to help me reach my goals
  95. Be around for my children as much as possible
  96. Visit my Uncle in Vietnam
  97. Buy local as much as possible
  98. Focus on experiences not possesions
  99. Eat vegetables with every meal
  100. Focus on the good things in life

    I found this little guy while walking with a friend Christmas Eve 2012...
    I found this little guy while walking with a friend Christmas Eve 2012… He made us smile, we took photos but left him for others to find and enjoy as well.

 What I’ve learnt from creating this list

The following are the key important things I’ve pulled from my list:

  • Helping others/Educating and Awareness Raising. As I go through this list I can count over 10 items that relate to helping/teaching others about different things.
  • Having a support team and strong relationships with my family and friends.  Again multiple items on the list focus on spending time with or identifying others who can help me/I can help them.
  • Sustainable living. In terms of how I live my life, my financial security, and how I interact with others, having a positive impact instead of a negative one is key.
  • Structure and Simplicity. In order to manage my illness and remain as healthy as possible I should aim to have some structure in my daily/weekly routines and I should simplify as much as possible. (This will be a focus of a future post)

Have you completed your 100 Goal Challenge?

If so, what have you learnt from reviewing the goals you’ve set?

If not, has my list helped you identify a few more things you could add to your own?