Sending out Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness

May I/you/we…

Loving Kindness Meditation

Over the weekend I read Toni Bernhard’s book How to be Sick. This is a wonderful book for those suffering from chronic illness or caring for someone with a chronic illnesses because it provides a set of easy to implement practices and techniques for dealing with the mental suffering that accompanies these roles. One of the practices is the Loving Kindness practice (Metta) where you spend time sending well-wishes to yourself, people you know or a particular group of people.

To practice Loving Kindness you create your own set of phrases that resonate with you and what you wish for everyone. What you see above is my Metta phrases that I have begun spending time repeating silently to myself, I’ve begun by sending these well-wishes to myself by starting with “May I…” but I also send them out to others by starting with “May you…” or “May we…”

So I hope that everyone one of us may live our lives peaceful and true to ourselves, with an open heart and open mind so that we may be free from mental suffering.