Mental Monday: Reading for relaxation and education

I’ve gotten back into reading and I’m  enjoying it!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter long weekend and that those of you who are having an extra long weekend in Australia continue to enjoy it! I know that I am enjoying having E home to keep me company for the week.

On top of family Easter events (last one is today), we’ve managed to play some new board games, build some Lego, read some more of our books, go for a short bike ride together and just relax and enjoy ourselves.

I’m loving the fact I’m now able to read again (more than 3 lines at a time) but I’m also finding that it’s a new area in which I need to learn to pace myself…

I love to read and when I was younger I would read multiple books a day. Many nights when mum said lights out I’d go under my blanket with my bedside lamp and keep reading (I even managed to burn a ring in the cover one night because the lamp got too hot). Many, many times I would end up cross-eyed from reading for too long.

From all this you can probably tell that when I get into a good book I struggle to put it down.

Reading is a wonderful escape path. When you’re in a good book you can forget about what’s happening in your real life. If I’m lucky I can block out my pain almost completely!

My goal from now on is to try and find a better balance. Like with drawing I’m going to aim for at least 30 minutes a day but I’m going to try and limit it to 30 minute blocks as well so that I don’t over do it like I’ve done a few times in the last week and many times in the past!

I’m aiming to have one ‘for fun’ book and one ‘education/information’ book on the go at all times. Right now I’ve got a couple of books on Fibromyalgia and ME/cfs from the library and a fun book off our bookshelf that I’m trying to read.

I may review some of these books here, especially the education ones if their relevant. I’ve also joined Goodreads and joined the Spoonie reading group on there so I’ll probably review most of my books there.

Do you like to read?

Do you read for fun or for information?

Do you have any book recommendations?