Shades of Blue – Being Conscious and Mindful

shades of blue

Have you ever noticed how many different shades of blue there are and how abundant the colour is in our lives?

I recently got introduced to the Conscious Day App by my MIL. This is an app that helps you to develop your mindfulness by providing daily challenges.

One of the first challenges I participate was “Be mindful of the colour blue”. Throughout the day it asked you to become aware of the colour blue and take note of it’s texture and vitality.

I was amazed by how many different places I noticed the colour blue throughout my day. The couch I was sitting on while drinking my tea was a dull dark greyish blue, the blanket I was under was a brighter dark royal blue colour, the carpet a dull light greyish blue. The shoelaces on my sneakers are a vibrant blue, the blu-ray cases on the shelf were a transparent bright blue and many of the Lego statues displayed around the room had blue in them as well. All of this was just what I noticed while drinking my tea.

The sky started grey and white that day but slowly the blue began to show. Light at the bottom, getting darker as my view moved upwards.

I find this app helpful for reminding me to try and focus throughout the day and using the mindfulness techniques has been beneficial in fighting through the fog.

By asking myself to focus on one thing at a time I am reducing my stress levels and clearly focusing on the one thing about 60% of the time now. To begin with the fog was so bad I has trouble focusing for less than 1 minute.

Give it a try. If your fog is really bad, try focusing on the taste, texture and feeling that you experience while drinking a cup of tea or eating a piece of fruit. Or download theĀ Conscious Day App and try out some of their challenges.

shades of blue

Do you practice mindfulness in any form?

Do you have any recommendations of other apps, dvds or books that are good for mindfulness or meditation?