So Many Award Nominations!

Wow, It seems that whenever I think I’ve got on top of my award nominations, more appear! Given my limited energy I’m going to try and combine these into one post, so I apologise for the length of this post (it’s taken me a few days to write!)…

I’d like to thank Julie from Counting My Spoons, and thebetterwaycfs from The Better Way for nominating me for 2 more Dragon’s Loyalty Awards.


Again, I’m going to cheat with this one and just provide 7 more interesting facts about me:

  1. I’m left handed.
  2. I’m easily distracted by bright colours or multicoloured items.
  3. My first concert with friends was Human Nature.
  4. I performed in several musicals while at school.
  5. Since being ill, I’ve watched all epsidose of M.A,S.H and QI.
  6. I used to live in a communal house which has sinced been turned into a cinema and tavern (
  7. I’m the oldest of 3, but used to have 4 step brothers and sisters as well.

Jenn from My Fibrotastic Life has amazingly nominated me for both the WordPress Family Award and the Parliament Award.

So, let’s start with the WordPress Family Award:


The rules for this award are simple:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your wordpress experience and family

4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them

5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as  a friend, and spread the love.

So here are my nominations:

  1. Jess from My Journey Thru M.E.
  2. Dawn from dawnyhosking
  3. Jenn from My Fibrotastic Life
  4. Celeste from Baking, Butter, & Happiness
  5. Leslie from Just Another F Bomb
  6. Trisha from Notes From the Fog
  7. Jess from noonegetsflowersforchronicpain
  8. Julie from The Nocturnal Laundress
  9. Claire from Living Being Doing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  10. Resistance

Now I’ve completed that long list we can move onto the Parliament Award:


This new and beautiful set of awards (which you need to post both badges on your post) was created by Bishop Eddie Tatro .


Now onto the rules…

  1. Firstly, display the Award on your site (see Award page or sidebar!) You earned it and you deserve it!
  2. List a few things that make you a loyal member.
  3. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  4. Nominate at least five (5) well deserving bloggers whose loyalty and love you value and consider part of your Parliament and Pack; for the Award and let them know the wonderful news by sending them a message on their site.



So, what makes me a loyal member?

  • I always reply to everyone’s comments and try and address any queries as quickly as possible.
  • I read and comment (or like) other people’s posts.
  • I try to respect everyone’s privacy and feelings when I write my posts.

My 5 nominations for this award are:

  1. Celeste from Baking, Butter, & Happiness
  2. Dawn from dawnyhosking
  3. Jess from noonegetsflowersforchronicpain
  4. Leslie from Just Another F Bomb
  5. Trisha from Notes From the Fog

And Finally…

I’ve been nominated for a WEGO Health Rookie of the Year Award. Thank you to those of you who have supported me.

According to their site, these awards are designed to give back to those who inspire you. The Rookie of the Year Award is to:

Help the newbie in your community continue down the path they have started with some positive feedback and support.

You can nominate people in your community for one of their 14 great Health Activist Awards here.