To Drive or Not to Drive?

Photo (c) Doug Quine Photography, 2011
Photo (c) Doug Quine Photography, 2011

I have not driven in the last 6 months (apart from one short drive after one of the doctors recommended I try again). This is because whenever I’m in a moving vehicle (and sometimes when walking) my vision goes unfocused after less than 5 minutes and I don’t feel safe driving if that happens.

But I know being able to drive would allow me a bit more independence than what I have now. At the moment I rely on having someone to drive me for any appointments or outings I may want to make. I have attempted public transport several times but I’ve found that when I do that by the time I get to my destination my pain levels and fatigue are so high I can’t focus or enjoy myself.

At this stage I’ve decided that public and personal safety is more important than my independence, but I know that being able to drive would reduce the burden on E and our parents who are constantly driving me to appointments.

Do you drive or have you chosen not to?