Balancing my body…

At the moment my body is out of balance.

This is obvious with the continuous pain and fatigue. I am listening to my body though and trying to re balance it.

I am focusing on eating fresh, wholesome food as often as possible, meditating and resting to listen closer to my body, and surrounding myself with people who inspire me and help me feel more in balance.

Yesterday’s meditation in my 21 Days of Gratitude was focused on balancing the body. The comment that really stood out too me and kept resonating during the meditation was “Pain is not our enemy”. The meditation went on to explain that we can work with pain to ensure our body is in balance. Basically it is important to listen to your body in order to achieve harmony and balance.

Living with chronic pain and fatigue can make it difficult to find the balance that is needed in life. It feels like whatever we do it’s impossible to find this balance because any small action can increase the pain and fatigue. But I believe by doing activities that actively increase energy and reduce pain it is possible, over time, to find balance again.

This is what I’m hoping to do by mindfully meditating, eating well, and working within my limits by gradually increasing activity and pacing what I do.

What do you do to keep you body and mind in balance?