Fighting them…

This is something I wrote the other day after one of my meditations

Fighting Them…

Her body aches.

As she lies there she feels the weight of them upon her body and can feel her energy draining away. She is weak and shaky, but she knows she has to fight them.

Calling upon the calming and soothing energy of the breath and the radiating heat of the sun, she lies there and relaxes.

Slowly she fights these creatures that are trying to dominate and control her. With each breath she feels her muscles relax. The sun beating down on her drives them away.

And then she hears it, over the sound of her breath moving in and out, the sound of the birds as they help the sun. The songs they sing draw the creatures away from her further. She focuses on the sounds and while her mind is focused she realises this is it!

The way to fight these creatures is through focus, warmth and brightness.

She rises with a lighter step, her body warmed and soothed from her rest. Although those creatures are still there gnawing away at her body, she knows now she has the tools and strength to fight this.

The birds are her friends and whenever she is feeling overwhelmed and thinking things are hopeless, all she needs to do is BREATH and LISTEN and the birds will help guide her through.

(c) Megan S, October 2013


p style=”text-align:left;”>In future posts I’ll provide descriptions of these creatures that are attacking me and the tools and support I have found to help me try fight them and manage my conditions.