Life with Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang: Jennifer’s story

Jennifer from MEcuperate contacted me the other day about sharing her story with Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang. So today I’m passing over to her.

Jennifer’s Story

I was a very busy, very active, very social girl, burning the candle at both ends when i was visited by Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang. I didnt know who they were, but I knew I didn’t like them and I knew they were unlike anybody else I had known before. For months they stayed around , getting stronger and stronger, making me weaker and weaker and nobody could tell me who they were.

They took my life and changed it completely. They stopped me from being able to move my limbs, they made it so hard for me to sit up. They would cloud my brain so that i found it difficult to talk to people and they made it tiring for me to be in company. I would spend all day in bed with only foggy frog and the pain gang for company. I didn’t like them, I wanted them to leave and let me be, but they refused to budge and would punish me harder if I tried to fight them.

After 6 months the doctor told me who they were and through my own research I knew I wouldnt be getting rid of them easily, if at all. I was angry with them. I didnt let them stop me though, and although they made things very difficult I got married and had two babies.

Although I never grew to like them, I got used to their company and tried to work with them. I listened to what they told me and tried to live within the rules they set. It worked and I stopped getting worse. Over time and through lots of research I found things that helped me a bit and loosed the hold foggy frog and the pain gang had over me. I was able to sit up for longer and even move around the house, at my best i was able to do short walks outside. Life began to feel good again. But, they arent easy to get rid of, Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang must get bored so they change their tactics and throw new symptoms into the mix and get stronger again. But now I know them and even though new symptoms might put me off, I know if I listen to them and listen to their limits, I will have more control. Foggy Frog and the pain gang have taken away the life I knew, but they have made me stronger in more important ways.

About Jennifer and MEcuperate

Jennifer set up MEcuperate in August 2012.   Having been bed bound and housebound with ME for a number of years she felt a need to focus on the good things of life, such as, art, music, photography, poetry and all forms of creativity to help myself and others remain positive through difficult times. Without known cures those of us suffering from invisible illnesses find alternative ways to treat or ease their illnesses. Jennifer wanted a place we could share experiences of what helps us to help us make the most of life that we can and she has created that with MEcuperate.

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