After Effects of a Good Night Out

This is an unedited prose that was written the day after the MUSE concert E and I went to last week. I thought I’d share what I night out can cost me even after careful resting and planning beforehand. I wrote this as it came to me during the day.


Buzzing sensations everywhere as the Gnawing Gnats nibble and bite moving around my body. Every limb feels like jelly and I’m struggling to move or lift anything.

It’s 5 am, I didn’t get to sleep until at least 1.30 am thanks to these guys… I’ll lie here and see if I can get some more sleep…

7 am and no more sleep… Slowly I make myself a hot bath with Epsom salts to see if that will easy them… It doesn’t work… Head back to bed.

The Fog is thick and my eyelids heavy. Somehow I make my way from the bed to the couch. I rely on the cats for heat and weight to try and stop the tingling buzzing ache that’s building in intensity through my body.

The only movement I can manage today is the slow crawl like walk to the toilet and the fridge, where I grab whatever looks easiest – no premade meals… I guess a cucumber and some ham…

Tea sounds good but the pot is so heavy! I finally manage to make a pot and then only drink some of it because I forget it’s there.

The TV is on… But I’m not really focused on it… It comes and goes in waves while I slip in and out of consciousness.

In the afternoon the Stabbing Spiders join the party in my wrists and ankles, my temples, and under my ribcage. The Burning Bats are flying around in my head, hands and feet. Needle Nematodes adventure into my fingers and toes.

Pain killers are needed, it seems as though the whole gang is here to party.

At least the previous day was worth it.

This could last days before I’m at a semi-functional level of consciousness again.

This is my life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis!

(c) Megan S, December 2013