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Meaningful Life Workshop: Back to Basics FAQ

The atmosphere here at LiveKen is buzzing as we put the final touches on our Back to Basics Meaningful Life workshop, which will be starting on Monday.

It’s not too late to join us. For just AUD$19.95, you can join us and begin your journey towards a simple, sustainable and meaningful life.


If you haven’t yet heard about it, don’t worry! I’m hear today to address a few of the questions we’ve been asked as we’ve promoted the workshop.

Without further ado, let’s answer your questions

What do you mean by a simple, sustainable and meaningful life?

I can’t give you a specific definition of what this will mean for you (that’s something we work through determining during the course) but when we talk about a simple, sustainable and meaningful life we are talking about determining what our priorities and values are and living a life that allows us to live by those as much as possible.

For me the most important things are to be environmentally friendly, have the energy to spend time with my family and friends, and to help others/make a difference…

For you it could be travelling, eating good food, being safe and secure…

It’s very personal.

This 6-week online workshop focuses mainly on determining what is meaningful for you. If you are aware of what your values and priorities are, then you’ll be able to view each of your activities and possessions to determine if they’re in line with them.

It also looks at how to simplify and make your life sustainable. By sustainable we mean something you can continue doing without negatively impacting your health, your finances, the environment and your relationships with others.

I don’t have much time so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate in the course.

Ok, so this isn’t a question but it is a statement I’ve heard a lot since announcing the workshop.

My response to this is that the workshop has been developed to be suitable for those suffering from chronic and invisible illnesses, who have very little energy to participate in anything. The activities are set up in a way that you can do them in your own time and participation in the LiveKen Community Facebook Group is optional (although I personally believe this is where you get the most from the workshop because you’re interacting with others).

In fact, even if you can’t participate in the Community or complete all the activities at this stage, you have lifelong access to the Facebook group and the activities are sent via email so (as long as you don’t delete them) you can come back to them at any stage.

Why should I do it? I’m already doing to much and really need to prioritise.

This workshop will help you to determine how best to prioritise and to develop a plan to move your life slowly towards something more simple, sustainable and meaningful to you.

Is this workshop tailored for those living with chronic pain/invisible illnesses?

The generic workshop content has not been tailored for these conditions, however the purpose of this workshop is that everything will be tailored to participants. For people living with chronic pain or other invisible illnesses, managing these conditions is a major part of their life and as such would definitely be considered when developing a plan to move towards a more simple, sustainable and meaningful life.

What do I get for my AUD$19.95?

For the low cost of just AUD$19.95 (equivalent to roughly AUD$3.30 a week – less than a cup of coffee), you will receive:

  • An email containing facts and advice and one key activity each week which will guide you through the process of determining what is meaningful and establishing a plan for simple, sustainable and meaningful life changes
  • Life-long access to the closed LiveKen Community Facebook Group. Being a closed group, people can see who are members but only other members can see your comments.

Within 24 hours of signing up (using the link at either the top or bottom of this page), you will receive a welcome email and a Facebook invite (or second email with a link) to the LiveKen Community Group.

Have I addressed your question here? If not, please comment below and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

As I said at the beginning, the first run of this workshop will be beginning on Monday (only 2 days away), so make sure you sign up either today or tomorrow to participate in this round. We do hope to run the workshop again in the future, however I can’t guarantee when this will be happening so if you feel you’re ready for a change I strongly urge you to join us on this journey.join-now-button-19

And yes, this first time through I will be participating in the workshop as we go as well so I’d love to get to know you all better when you join us.

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